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When it comes to commercial roofs, we exclusively sell Crossgrip roof walkway matting, the leading non-slip matting solution for flat roofs, gantries and high-level walkways. 

Crossgrip is an open grid, self-draining roof walkway matting system manufactured in the UK. Slip resistant with a firm grip underfoot, Crossgrip provides safe roof access to staff and maintenance workers in rain, hail or shine. The durable surface contours to the roof membrane, effectively protecting the roof from heavy foot traffic, dropped tools and maintenance equipment. 

Easy to install, UV resistant, maintenance free and stable in winds up to 60mph, Crossgrip is the perfect solution for commercial roofs.

Choose from either Crossgrip PVC, a vinyl roof matting designed for flat roofs, or Crossgrip TPO, roof walkway matting compatible with TPO and EPDM roof membranes. 

Browse our roof walkway matting below or send us a message – we’d love to help you choose the best roof mat for your needs.

Crossgrip PVC: Roof walkway matting
Easy to install, Crossgrip walkway matting contours to and protects the roof membrane.

Crossgrip PVC: Roof walkway matting

From £44.08

Crossgrip TPO: Roof walkway matting
Crossgrip TPO is walkway matting for TPO and EPDM roof membranes.

Crossgrip TPO: Roof walkway matting

From £447.41